If you want your website to rank, you have to have links. That’s why you need to have some kickass link building techniques in place to even be anywhere near the first page of Google. However, there are many link building cardinal sins that many brands just can’t seem to help but commit.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the three biggest link building no-gos, and what you can do instead.

Buying Links

In Google’s official guidelines, it’s stated that buying backlinks to improve your ranking is a breach, and that doing so will have the opposite effect on your rankings. Google consider paying for backlinks unethical practice, and so paying for low-quality links is actually a massive risk to brands. In fact, links bought from sites that state they sell links mean you’ll most likely have a Google Penalty coming your way soon!

So if I’m not buying links, how do I get them?

Instead of forking out and buying links, it’s worth creating some high quality, unique content. Promote your content in a way that will attract some natural backlinks, and voila! You could be looking at some fantastic results, without the ever-present fear of a penalty hanging over your head.

Sending out spammy emails

Yes, this really does happen. Some brands do send out spammy, multiple-recipient emails to bloggers and expect to get a link back from it. Who knows? You might get lucky and get the odd link with this approach, but we’d rather not risk the bad rep that could come with it to be honest.

Instead of sending out spammy emails, it’s great to actually build and maintain relationships with bloggers. Not only will this give you a much higher chance of getting those all important links, but it means you’ll be known as a blogger-friendly brand. The blogging community is pretty tight-knit, so once you’ve formed those relationships, you’ll be able to get the very most from your blogger outreach.

Commenting on forums

…but wait? Isn’t commenting on forums a good thing when it comes to link building? The answer to this is that it can be. If you comment on some random forum with an irrelevant or completely unhelpful thought, only to also include a link to your website, you could be looking at a telling off from Google.

Instead of commenting something pointless, engage in an active discussion that’s relevant to your business. Make some interesting points and give sound advice to other forum members. If you including a link to your website adds value to the discussion, Google will appreciate that you’re simply helping others.

For example, if you’re posting in a thread that’s asking for advice about where to find secondhand brake pads, and you own a secondhand car part business, you posting the link to your company website is absolutely relevant to the thread. You may even get more traffic than you bargained for!

For more information on how we use link building techniques to help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to chat with you about what we do.