Our dedicated team of content promotion specialists are experts in creating a real buzz around your brand. By building and maintaining strong relationships with top journalists and influencers, we use a diverse blend of traditional and modern methods to connect with the right people, and deliver your content to audiences across the UK and beyond.

It’s all about perception. Content promotion is all about contacting the right people at the right time, with content that excites them. No-one wants to promote content that doesn’t have that little something extra, so we never promote anything that we don’t think has the potential to go viral.

Building and maintaining media relations

We have friends in many places. Whether that be key journalists or the most influential social media stars, we know them and they know us – which is invaluable when it comes to promoting content to large audiences.

The friendships and connections that we have developed over the years mean that we can maximise your brand awareness and really get your message heard.

Blending the traditional with the latest techniques

Press releases are a timeless piece of traditional PR, which are still an integral part of what we do here at the TMI Group. Traditional PR methods get your news out there with the right people, and have a profound impact on brands – getting you noticed.

We’re always listening. We always have our ears to the ground. We know that getting digital coverage goes beyond the papers – it comes a variety of different forms, and we focus our efforts on getting your content promoted by those who are relatable to your brand message.